Our Production Facility located in Izmir is established over a 28.454 m2 area. The facility consists of two raw material warehouses, material and industrial products warehouse and a product warehouse. Designed regarding operation positions and maximum efficiency, our system includes fresh grape and dried grape processing, fermentation, suma distillation, two different units of raki distillation, raki damping , mellowing and bottling sections and unique sets of equipment for these sections.

There are different sizes and capacities of alcohol/product stock tanks ranging in line with our production capacity in our facility. In addition to our all equipment, we have a laboratory where quality control processes are performed.

Maintenance-repair shops, auxiliary facilities and a refinery facility are other components of our system as a part of our activities. Waste management is conducted according to environmental regulations, and the wastes are disposed of accordingly.

Our Company has certificates for ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO-22000 Food Safety Quality Management Systems and ISO-10002 Customer Complains Quality Management Systems. All our facility activities are carried in compliance with such standards.

With an annual production capacity reaching 15.000.000 liters, we will continue producing the best raki for you and growing proudly. 

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