Made in the same distillery with the same experienced masters and the safety of ISO standards, each bottle contains the same consistent flavor.

Producing high quality, delicious rakı requires a number of methods such as collecting the best grapes in Anatolia, proper fermentation of the grape juice, selecting good quality aniseed, and using minerally balanced water from natural resources.

Aniseed are first meticulously separated from foreign substances and then stored in hygienic warehouses isolated from external factors to preserve their essence. In order to perfectly execute these steps, the system is designed to work with traditional recipes but in a fully automated way to minimize human error. The resulting rakı rests for at least 30 days, making it smoother.

Another feature of Efe products is the “guala” cap, used by the world’s largest alcoholic beverage companies. The production details are written on the packaging, bottle, and cap at the same time with laser printing which cannot be removed. All this diligent effort aims to remind you of the rakı flavor you miss. You can drink Efe products with confidence and pleasure. Enjoy!


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