Human Resources

Human Resources

Carrying out its activities in the light of its mission of becoming the pioneer of the firsts without compromising quality and security, Efe knows that its most valuable resource is its personnel in order to attain the objectives. Therefore, in this sector where a fierce competition is present, Efe considers incorporating high-performance and skilled individuals who can contribute in the corporate development and maintaining the continuity of such employment as the basic human resources strategy.


Within the frame of this strategy, the most important stage is the selection and placement of the candidates. During the employment process, we pay regard to the compatibility of the candidates to our basic corporate values which are defined as social and environmental sensitivity, customer-orientation and innovation and to the education level, technical knowledge and skills of the candidates as required for the intended job position.

Job applications are mostly received over contractual career websites in Efe.

The candidates who are deemed suitable in terms of their education and past working experiences attend two-phased interviews: they are first evaluated by human resources specialists and then by department managers. During this process, the candidates are subjected to personality inventories, qualification evaluation tests and foreign language tests depending on the job requirements. As a result, the company offers the position to the candidate who is most suitable for the company culture and the requirements of the job description; later, the new personnel receives orientation training.

All candidates are treated fairly and objectively, informed correctly and on time. The information disclosed by the candidates during job interviews are considered as confidential.

If you are creative and innovative, you can join Efe, the pioneer of the firsts.

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